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Family Photography

 Package 1  - includes 1 hour indoor or outdoor photo shoot in studio or local location (any fees associated with location paid by client). Cost includes 30 - 50 edited photos on disc or Flash Drive

($ 20.00 extra for Flash Drive). A release is provided to print your own photos. Cost for up to 5 family members -- additional cost for larger family.   $200.00



Package 2:     1-24x36      1-16x24      2-11x17     5-8x12     7-5x7     12 sheet wallets      $575.00



Package 3:     1-20x30     1-16x24     1-11x17     4-8x12     5-5x7    8 sheet wallets      $385.00


Package 4:     1-16x24     1-11x17     3-8x12     4-5x7     7 sheet wallets      $250.00



Package 5:     2-11x17     2-8x12     3-5x7     5 sheet wallets      $180.00



Package 6:     1-11x17     2-8x12     3-5x7     3 sheet wallets     $100.00




• Light touch-ups included, but custom touch-ups available at an additional charge.


• $25.00 service feel will be charged on all returned checks


• Prices subject to change without notice

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